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Bikini Panty - The Best Dos And Dont's

Bikini Panty - Delicious and bold, these sheer panties are a definite must-have for the sexy girl who loves to show off her assets. Leaving little to the imagination, they keep you covered just enough for a stunning visual impact in provocative peekaboo styles.

From lace to mesh, microfiber to fishnet, these sexy skivvies are easy to wear and pair with your lingerie drawer favorites. Follow these easy do’s and don’ts for maximum sizzle:

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The Ultimate Bikini Panty Guide

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Bikini Panty - The Dos That You Need To Know

Keep Panties Skimpy 

  • Make sure sheer bikini panties cover the important areas
  • Opt for stretch fabrics for a smooth and sexy look
  • Consider a low, hip hugger panty with high cut legs for a 10 out of 10 on the sexiness scale
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Get The Best Panty Fit 

  • Pay close attention to the panty fit. Too big and these undies be hanging off of you, gaping in the crotch and falling down. Too small and they’ll ride up and dig into your skin
  • Find a pair of sexy undies that fits just right and skims your skin without any extra room or digging in
  • Opt for a snug fit. A snug fit means they’ll look invisible under clothing for smooth and sexy skin-on-a-grape look
  • Remember that comfort + confidence = sexiness, an easy formula for a no-fail flirty look
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Play With Lingerie Colors

  • Remember that while every woman needs a roster of black, white and nude panties in her collection, there are so many more exciting and fabulous colors to choose from
  • Think outside the box. Have some fun with colors that you've never tried, for a playful, provocative look that your sweetie will love
  • Choose a sexy string bikini panty or even satin string bikini panties in cheeky cherry red, lusty lime, wild animal prints, tempting turquoise or naughty neons. Your honey will love the flirty, fun look!
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Mix And Match With Lingerie Drawer Favorites 

  • Keep in mind that bikini panties are a versatile panty.  They go with everything in your lingerie collection, from bustiers, to bras, to corsets, or as layering pieces under sexy chemises and negligees. Rock them for an every day look or dress them up for a special occasion
  • Remember that these pretty panties are one of the most versatile pieces in your drawer, so don’t save them for wearing with the matching set – pair them with anything and everything to maximize your micro panty magic.
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The Bikini Panty Dont's

Avoid Frumpy Undies

  • Don't default to boring. Be inspired and try something different. These panties are supposed to be a sizzling and sexy, so steer clear of granny panties territory by keeping your sheer panties frump-free
  • Don’t buy undies that are too big. Avoid full-coverage styles, and boring colors and textures
  • Don't choose bland everyday colors like beige and skin-tones. Opt for smoking-hot colors with sexy textures that are fantastic and fun
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Don't Forget About Intimate Apparel Grooming

  • Don't forget the importance of keeping intimate apparel areas tidy and trim
  • Don't neglect the panty area. Whether you’re into a full Brazilian wax, or just neatening things up, make sure you tend to these areas before panty shopping
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Don't Be Shy About Sheer Lingerie

  • Don't forget that looking and feeling great is the key to enjoying see through lingerie. The hottest way to wear bikini panties is with killer confidence
  • Don't be self-conscious. No matter what style of sexy ladies underwear that you choose, sheer lingerie always looks amazing on a woman who isn’t afraid to celebrate the gorgeous body that she’s got
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  • Don't worry and obsess about areas that aren't exactly perfect. Fretting over your thighs or your hips only kills the mood between you and your honey. So, instead of worrying, channel your inner lingerie goddess and focus on the fun that you’re having
  • Don't be afraid to throw angst out the window.  Your sweetie certainly won’t be thinking about your so-called invisible flaws. He’ll only have eyes for the gorgeous, confident and ultra sexy woman before him
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