Plus Size Open Bra Q & As That Will Make You An Expert

Plus size open bra - love yourluxurious curves and looking for that perfect sweet and sexy lingerie for a romantic weekend getaway you've got planned with your honey?

Open cup bras and lingerie may be the perfect choice. Provocative and exciting, this sheer lingerie is a lavishly luxurious option for those sensual moments when bland and boring bras and panties just won't do.

From the best styles for your shape and what to wear, to how to cover up without losing your erotic vibe and more, we reveal the answers to your burning questions (plus a few that you weren't expecting).

plus size open bra

  Q.  Plus Size Open Bra: How Do I Get The Support I Need?

Sexy Girl Tip

The bra band is where the majority of the support in a bra comes from, so you definitely want a snug but comfy fit.

A: Even though a plus size open bra doesn’t have traditional bra cups to hold your girls in, there are plenty of other ways to make sure you’ve got the support and lift you need in this stunning open lingerie.

First and foremost, make sure that you have a great fit around the bra band. It should be comfy snug. Too loose is a big no no, and too tight, you won't be able to breathe - also a big no no.

Support also comes from the bra straps. So, you'll want to find an open bra shelf bra with adjustable straps that are wide enough to give you the right amount of lift that you need.

You’ll be looking and feeling as perky as always if you can nail the band and the straps.

  Q.  What Do I Wear With An Open Cup Bra

A: Open cup bras are real show-stoppers, so you can let it take the lead with a sexy look and opt for your favorite panty style with a bit more pizzazz.

  • Choose a tantalizing thong if you want to show off your legs and boost the sex appeal
  • Wear a pretty pair of boyshorts if you like a little extra coverage
  • Or, choose a pair of universally flattering bikini panties
  • As far as fabric goes, the sky is the limit. Wear sheer nylon, lace, silk, mesh – whatever makes you feel your foxiest.

  Q.  I'm Afraid Of Being Too Exposed In An Open Bra - How Can I Cover Up Without Losing The Erotic Look?

A: If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of putting it all out there in a plus size open bra, then don’t fret. You can still rock this risqué bra and get the little bit of extra coverage you crave.

  • The key is to choose sheer fabrics or bra styles that really show off your open bra
  • Wear a sheer nightie overtop, a lace chemise, or a see thru mesh camisole to let your erotic bra peek through
  • Or, wear an undone silk kimono, your guy’s tuxedo shirt unbuttoned, or a lace shrug

These options cover your arms and back but keep your barely-there sheer bra front and centre so you don’t miss out on any of the naughtiness of the look.

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  Q.  Which Open Cup Bras Are Good For My Shape?

A: Just like other styles, there are loads of options for finding the perfect brassiere that flatters.

  • If you have great shoulders and arms, look for a strapless style
  • If you want to cinch in your waist and boost your cleavage, look for an all in one open bustier
  • If you want a little extra pushup then try a style with molded cups on the sides and lower part of the shelf to give you some extra lift
  • If your breasts are wide-set, opt for a wider side band that will hug them to the centre

The best way to find the most flattering fit is to try a few different styles and see what looks and feels the best.

  Q.  How Can I Guarantee That I Look My Best In Open Lingerie

A: In addition to finding the perfect fit and style, there are a couple of little extras that go a long way in making sure a plus size open bra look and feel as hot as humanly possible.

  • Choose a color that flatters your skin tone, works with other lingerie in your collection, and makes you feel fun and pretty
  • Look for special details like beading, jewel encrusting or trims that give your bra and panties that extra indulgent feel
  • And take a little extra time to do your hair, makeup and dab on your favorite fragrance.

These few little touches will make you feel pampered and confident, making your shelf bra look even sexier that you ever imagined.

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