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Shelf Bra In The Spotlight - Inside Tips And Tricks

Shelf bra - Sexy and sassy, this style is also known as an open bra and is a fun choice for any modern sexy girl who loves sheer lingerie and wants to impress.

Cheeky, flirty and provocative, with the perfect touch of naughtiness that can turn an ordinary day from bland and boring to breathtaking, this open lingerie favorite can be dressed up in so many exciting ways, or paired with sexy lingerie that you already have.

A shelf bra is a sexy way to spice things up!

It's an easy and empowering style that lingerie enthusiasts and newbies love to wear and their partners love to feast their eyes on.

From the big mistakes to avoid to the best styles for different shapes and more, here are the ways to enjoy them.

Shelf Bra - A Behind The Scenes Look

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Cupless bra favorites are available in a variety of styles to suit the occasion.

The Dos and Don'ts Of Buying A Shelf Bra

DO - Try different styles -

You might just surprise yourself. Trying on a variety of styles, from black pleather, to white frilly lace bras will give you an idea of what works for you and what doesn’t.

You might typically buy soft and sweet see through lingerie, but it can be great fun to venture into different styles that you've never tried before.

Something edgier, perhaps? “Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it” is a great motto for cupless lingerie and intimate apparel.

Cupless lingerie is an exciting way to add to lingerie drawer favorites.

DO - Find the right fit -

While looking sexy is fab, getting a great fit is the icing on the cake to feeling like a lingerie goddess.

What is key? Look for an open cup bra that fits properly around your lower bust and rib cage, so you can maximize the lift and oomph that it offers.

A shelf bra is an open bra style that doesn't usually have padded cups to help boost your bust like a more traditional push up bra.

That said, make sure the other elements like the bra straps and the band fit snugly, but not too tightly, to give your girls the support and va-va-voom they need.

Open bra styles are free of heavy padding like pushup styles.

DO - Buy a matching bottom -

Sometimes open cup bras are sold as part of a set, so treat yourself to the matching undies or garter belts that may come with it.

Whether it’s a pair of sexy bikini panties, a garter or a matching sheer robe, you'll get more wear out of it, plus it's a nicer and more luxurious look in a matching ensemble.

You’ll also be more likely to enjoy an open bust bra if you’re not rummaging through your lingerie drawer trying to find something to match at the last minute.

An open bust bra can be paired with different panty styles for a fun look.

DON'T - Obsess over your body flaws -

A shelf bra puts you on full display, which is why it’s such a sizzling open lingerie style, but when we’re alone in the dressing room we can easily forget the sultry mood we’re trying to create and start picking apart how we look.

You might not love the shape of your breasts, or think you have flabby arms, but the dressing room is not the time to start worrying about it.

Think of how you look from your sweetie’s perspective. All they're going to see is the beautiful bombshell in a barely-there sexy bra and panties before them - not your c-section scar or that little invisible bit of cellulite that only you can see.

A sexy bra and panties are a wonderful way to perk up long winter days!

DON'T - Set yourself up to look bad -

Lingerie looks great in the bedroom, especially with a little candlelight and sizzling chemistry in the air.

In a dressing room under florescent lights it can be another story.

If you show up to shop with greasy hair, hairy legs and stand in front of the mirror in your shelf bra, granny panties and a pair of sports socks, of course your inner critic will start to scream hone in on what a hot mess you are.

Instead, prep yourself for success ahead of time. Wear a basic black thong, shave, put on a little makeup and give yourself a fighting chance in that dressing room.

You’ll be much more likely to feel good about trying on and buying open lingerie if you feel pretty and pampered, and prepped for success!

Open lingerie can be mixed and matched with your favorites.

DON'T - Take yourself too seriously -

Remember, life is too short to take yourself seriously. Lingerie should be easy and exciting, not serious and secretive.

A shelf bra is fun, frivolous and crazy sexy. And, like most things in life, the moment you start OVER thinking something sexy and fun, is the moment you’ll start talking yourself out of it.

So, "Relax Max!" Go in there with a playful and provocative attitude, and keep your honey in mind while you shop, instead of getting too much in your head and starting to doubt and judge yourself.

Just have fun with sexy lingerie - it’s meant for pleasure and pampering and making you feel like the lingerie goddess that you truly are.

Have fun with sexy lingerie!