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Exotic Plus Size Lingerie - How To Look Amazing

Exotic Plus Size Lingerie. If you think that gorgeous, show-stopping intimate apparel is only meant for super models and celebrities, it’s time to think again.

Women with real bodies can actually look hotter in super sexy lingerie than rail thin models because they’ve got the curves to fill it out, and the silhouette that men can’t get enough of.

exotic plus size lingerie

When you’re in the mood to dress to impress in sexy, exotic sheer lingerie, take note of these expert dos and don’ts for a fun and fantabulous night of provocative passion.

Exciting Exotic Plus Size Lingerie

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Exotic Plus Size Lingerie Dos

Do Be Adventurous! Exotic lingerie is where you can really let your fun side can come out to play.

It’s not about sensible basic black or nude bras, it’s about embracing the frivolous, embellished, and over the top looks that most of us don’t choose for every day wear.

It's about going with the flow and having F-U-N!

sheer lingerie

One of the best things about exotic sheer lingerie is the way you can let loose and be adventurous in your choices - in ways you can't with your clothing.

If a neon yellow bustier, Barbie-pink sequined bra, or a red mesh and marabou chemise catches your eye, then go for it and don’t hold back.

Do Flatter Your Shape. You can get wild with your underwear and still look great when you choose sexy styles that work for your body and flatter your figure.

Remember the rules you normally follow when getting dressed and apply them here.

  • Do you like to show off your legs but prefer to hide your tummy? Then pick a short and sassy lace chemise with a rusched bodice.
  • Or, if you like to emphasize your waist, then pick a curve-hugging corset that can also help slim and trim your shape.

You’ll enjoy exotic lingerie even more with the simple secret that you're showing off your assets and camouflaging your flaws.

Do Forget About Function. More often than not, as women we lead busy lives and are more preoccupied with the practicality of our lingerie than the fashion of it.

When you’re running around throughout the day you need everyday bras and panties give you the support you need and make your clothes look great.

plus size lingerie

But, when it comes to exotic plus size lingerie, it's ok to let go and throw function out the window for a frivolous fun-filled evening.

When it's sexy time and you’re wearing see thru lingerie in the bedroom with your honey you don’t need to worry if your bra is super supportive, or your panties have the best heavy duty shaper panels.

Relax and enjoy the moment. Focus on picking sheer lingerie that's pretty, provocative and brings out your inner sex kitten.

Sexy Girl Tips

Exotic plus size lingerie that you're wild about can be difficult to find, especially if intimate apparel shops close to you are hard to find.

The solution? Online shopping offers virtually every bra, bustier, corset, panty, chemises, nightie, teddy that you can imagine.

Specialty sites like her room, wicked temptations and hips and curves offer a great selection.

exotic lingerie

Exotic Plus Size Lingerie Dont's

Don't Forget About Your Honey. If you’re wearing exotic plus size lingerie for your sweetie’s viewing pleasure, it can be a sweet and fun idea to play up some of his favorites in your look.

  • So for example, if you know that he loves a certain color because it brings out your eyes, opt for see through lingerie in that shade
  • Or, if he can’t get enough of your legs then show them off in a bottom-grazing babydoll or lace boyshorts.

Your honey will love seeing you in sizzling sexy lingerie, and by choosing his favorite features it will send his pleasure right through the roof.

Don't Limit Yourself. Women can often have a hard time finding exotic plus size lingerie that fits and flatters, so if you find a sexy style that you really love then buy it in multiples.

Buy that bustier in two colors, or choose a bra and panty set plus a chemise if you find both that work well for you.

Why limit yourself to one when you can expand your lingerie collection with pieces that you love and look great in?

You’ll be able to indulge in more than one night of mesmerizing sexy lingerie that you can pair with other goodies you already have in your lingerie drawer.

sheer lingerie

Don't Focus On Your Flaws. No matter what shape or size we are, women all have the tendency of falling into the trap of trying to hide ALL of the body issues we don’t love, but if we do this we're actually getting it backwards.

Instead of focusing on masking your flaws, direct your attention to the features that you love.

Not sure where to start? No worries. Here are a few quick tips -

  • If you’ve got great breasts and a sexy decolletage, then show it off in a plunging bra.
  • If you’ve got a curvy waistline that you love, then choose a bustier or corset to skim your silhouette and show it off.
  • If you’ve got athletic legs then show them off in a thong or tanga, or any other high cut panty that catches your fancy.
  • Got a sexy Kim Kardashian derrière? Give your sweetie a glimpse of a bootylicious rear in cheeky boy shorts.

Playing up the areas that you’re proud of will make you feel more provocative and confident than fretting over hiding the areas that you don’t like.