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Exotic Bikinis - The Inside Scoop On The Sexy Fundamentals

Exotic Bikinis - Every woman needs at least one pair of show-stopping, jaw-dropping bikini panties in her lingerie collection.

These panties will make you feel special, show off your curves in a way that your honey can’t resist, and will quickly become one of your favorite pairs to slip into when you want to dress to impress.

Follow along with our how-to guide and turn this sexy undie into the ultimate scene stealer.

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Exotic Bikinis: Groom To Perfection

All eyes are on you when you’re wearing exotic bikini panties.

This is a look that invites your honey to stop and stare, and linger over your legs and curves, so take the extra time to make sure your skin is as silky smooth all over as possible.

Your honey won’t be able to keep his hands off of you, so take an extra moment to slather your gams with your favorite body lotion or body oil.

You’ll feel extra glamorous and pampered when you make the effort to primp.

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Set The Stage For Sexy Lingerie

Give your exotic bikini panties the setup they deserve. Cast the laundry pile out of the room, make your bed with fresh sheets, light a few candles, and turn on your favorite sexy music.

By setting the stage for romance your honey will instantly know something’s up when he walks into the room.

He’ll be sure to pay attention to your provocative panties, and you’ll both enjoy the decadent display you’ve created.

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Savor The Sight Of See Through Lingerie

Don’t strip off your statement panties the moment you get into the bedroom. They are a special piece of sheer lingerie meant to be seen and enjoyed, so keep them on and let your sweetie savor them.

Let him lie back and watch as you perform a sexy strip tease, try out your burlesque moves, or just keep them on for a little foreplay to get the most out of your exotic bikinis.

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Sexy Girl Tip

Sexy girls are always open to new, exciting panty styles.

G strings, hip huggers and even tap pants can be incredibly sexy and might even be your new favorite undies!

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Pair With Sheer Lingerie That Doesn't Compete

These panties are pretty enough to stand on their own and don’t need complicated or sexy bras or corsets to get in their way.

Help show off your statement panties and let them take center stage when you pair them with simple, sheer styles that compliment their wow-factor.

bikini panties

Wear solid colors, either go for black or pick one color out of your panties and highlight your choice with a bra or camisole in the same shade.

Solid colored metallics like silver, gold, or copper can be great compliments to exotic panties without taking away from their sexy appeal.

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Showcase Your Legs

A bikini panty will draw all of the focus to your lower half, so make sure your legs are ready to be looked at.

Slip on some sexy, strappy heels, or slip on a pair of silk stockings. Give your guy some extra sweet eye candy when you show off legs that will be running through his mind all day.

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Keep Your Panties As Sexy As Possible

Exotic bikini panties are sexy already, but if you really want to take them over the edge, look for undies that have a few extra erotic details.

  • Sheer panties let him glimpse a little more skin
  • Micro styles are barely there and let his imagination run wild
  • Crotchless panties are x-rated and ultra risqué
  • Bikinis with tie sides are the perfect way to tempt and tease

A few extra, naughty details will take a bikini panty to a whole new level of sexiness.

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