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String Bikini Underwear -How To Get The Best Sexy Look

String Bikini Underwear - Va-va-voom. The mere mention of sexy g-string panties is enough to channel thoughts of flirtatious fun and off the charts lingerie goddess appeal.

Make these cheeky and frisky undies the newest addition to your lingerie collection with tips for finding the perfect pair.

string bikini underwear

String Bikini Underwear - The Dos

  • Do buy the right size - A string bikini panty is actually very comfortable, unless it's too big or too small
  • Choosing a pair that’s too tight will dig into your skin, pinch your hips, and ride up. A size that’s too big will gape in the crotch
  • Always try on undies before you buy to make sure you get the right fit
  • Do choose sexy details - a bikini panty - no matter what style you choose, is meant to be s-e-x-y, so have fun with it and play up the naughty style
  • Keep it sheer, teeny tiny, and even crotchless for an extra sexy look
string bikini panty
  • Do show it off - While string bikini underwear is a great style to wear under clothing because it's almost invisible, it’s also meant to be seen and appreciated
  • Resist the temptation to strip all the way down before you get to the bedroom with your honey, and take your time strutting your stuff
  • Let your sweetie enjoy the view and take in the sizzling sight of your barely-there panties
g string panties
  • Do choose your right cut - Even the tiniest sheer micro bikini has features to fit and flatter your shape. Micro styles add length to the body and create curves
  • Higher rises help hold in a soft tummy and can hide scars, stretch marks, or other flaws
  • If you’re new to the world of bikini undies, try on several styles to get a feeling of how they fit, feel and look before choosing your best look
lace g string

String Bikini Underwear - The Dont's

  • Don't try to hide your body - This isn’t the time to be shy. A g string leaves little to the imagination that most partners love
  • So, instead of being self-conscious, see yourself through their eyes and remember that they're thanking their lucky stars to be with a sexy partner who is confident enough to rock a seriously sexy panty
string panty
  • Show off your shape and let them take it all in, instead of being shy and trying to cover up
  • Don't knock it ‘til you’ve tried it - You might think you’re not sexy enough to pull off g string panties, but you’re wrong
  • Sexy lingerie babes can look hot in this see through underwear. Be daring and give it a shot. You’ll be amazed that it’s more comfortable and flattering than you ever imagined
string bikini panties

More Bikini Panty Dont's

  • Don't be frumpy - String bikini underwear is all about the vixen factor, so don’t put a damper on it by choosing a panty that’s too big, too blah color, or too plain
  • Looking for inspiration? Channel your inner burlesque dancer and go for all the color, sexy bells and whistles that will make you feel foxy... not frumpy
  • Don't save it for the bedroom - Of course, a bikini panty is a favorite style of sheer lingerie enthusiasts and newbies everywhere
g string
  • Don’t want until you have an audience to enjoy it. Wear it just for yourself as a reminder of how sensual you are
  • Pamper yourself with sheer lingerie, even if your day-to-day life is less than glamorous
  • Wearing a g-string while waiting tables, shopping for groceries, or sitting at a desk all day is a sultry secret that’s just for you and brings a little extra excitement to everyday life
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