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G String Panties - 10 Secrets That Will Make You A Fearless Shopper

G string panties. Why battle crowded malls, unflattering dressing room lighting, and pushy sales people when you can shop from the comfort of your own home?

More and more of our purchases are made online, and sheer lingerie favorites are no exception.

g string panties

Next time you’re looking for some sexy panties, consider curling up with your laptop and a glass of wine, and doing it at your leisure online.

Never shopped online for intimate apparel, let alone panties? No worries, it's easier than you think, and practically fool proof with these 10 secrets for shopping success.

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1. Read The Reviews For G String Panties

Most sites offer reviews from people who have purchased the same panty in the past. Read what other people are saying for clues on how to get the perfect fit.

For example, if everyone is saying that a certain thong or bikini panty fits too tight, consider ordering one size up from your usual.

Many customers who post reviews will reveal their height and weight as well as the size they bought, so look for reviews of customers who have a shape that's similar to yours for easy ordering.

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Did You Know?

A g string is the best solution to the nagging problem of the dreaded "VPL" - otherwise known as the visible panty line.

2. Buy Several Panty Sizes

If it’s the first time you’ve shopped at a particular retailer you might not be familiar with their fit, or what size of g string you should order.

To get the right fit, order the size you think you’ll be, and then one size up and one size down. You can try them on in the comfort of your own home and see how they look and feel.

Then you can just send back what doesn’t work. Remember to check the return policy before ordering to ensure a smooth and easy return.

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Sheer Lingerie Tips

These sheer panties are a great option if you don't want a panty line. Opt for flat or invisible seams.

3. Shop At Familiar Stores That Sell Womens Panties

If there are particular lingerie retailers that you’ve shopped at in the past, it’s always a good idea to start there first.

You are already familiar with their sizing and fit, so it’s easy to buy g string panties without wondering if they’ll work.

Every brand has a slightly different cut and sizing may vary, so you never really know if something will fit until you’ve tried it.

If you’ve had success buying undies somewhere in the past, keep up the customer loyalty and shop there again.

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4. Look At The Lingerie Model

Don’t simply check out the sexy panties, but look at the lingerie model too.

Ok, she’s probably tall and thin and amazingly gorgeous, but you can get some clues as to how the g-strings might fit your special shape.

  • If something makes a model look wide or out of proportion you can imagine that it will do the same to you
  • If a certain color flatters her skin tone and you have similar coloring then you can be confident that it’ll work for you too

You don’t have to be a model yourself to pick up a few panty clues and learn which styles to add to your cart and what to avoid.

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5. Measure Yourself For The Best Panty Fit

Since g-strings and other lingerie styles require such a close fit, you want to make sure you get the sizing just right.

Don’t be lazy and try to just wing it. Instead, grab a measuring tape and measure yourself with your clothes off.

Then check out the site size chart for the details on what size your measurement corresponds to.

You’ll have a much better chance of nailing the perfect size g-string thong if you take the extra time to measure up.

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6. Buy The Right Sexy Panty Fit

Ok ladies, we’ve all been there – stressing out about the size written on the label and buying something that doesn’t fit properly because we don’t want to be the size we actually are.

When it comes to lingerie, especially sexy and see through lingerie this approach simply doesn’t work.

You’ll end up with ill-fitting g string panties that are uncomfortable and don’t make you feel sexy or special.

Instead, forget about what the label says and order the size you actually are. Once you're home, you can always cut the size label out.

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7. Stick To Your Budget For Undies

It’s easy to get carried away shopping for see thru lingerie, but you won’t feel good about slipping into sexy little g string panties if you know that you blew the bank on your online order.

Stay gorgeous and guilt-free by setting a budget for yourself before you log on, and sticking to it.

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8. Shop For Sheer Panties In The Sale Section

Most online stores have sale or clearance sections where you can score some major deals on your intimate apparel.

The only catch is that these undies are usually a final sale, so you can’t return them.

If you’re familiar with your size and fit at a retailer, then go ahead and see what deals you can scoop up on their discounted g-strings and other lingerie.

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9. Call For Help When In Intimate Apparel Doubt

If you’ve checked out the reviews and size guides and still aren’t sure which g string panties to order, try calling the customer support line or using their live chat service.

Sometimes talking to an actual person can make a big difference when you’re trying to decide which panty styles will work best for you.

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10. Shop For Sheer Lingerie When You're In The Right Mood

Don’t shop for something as exciting as sexy lingerie when you’re rushed or in a bad mood. You might make bad choices and you won’t enjoy the experience.

Instead, wait until you have lots of time to browse and take your time. Pour a glass of wine and listen to your favorite music to get you into a sexy mood.

You’ll be inspired and have way more fun picking out cheeky g string panties and other lingerie when you’re feeling relaxed and in the mood for love.

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