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Sheer Bikini - The Best Panties For Your Shape

Sheer Bikini - The only think hotter than bikini panties is the confidence in knowing that you’re wearing the perfect pair.

They can make your legs look longer and more shapely, your waist look curvier and your entire body look like you just stepped off the set of a pinup calendar shoot.

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So how do you go about getting the perfect bikini panty for your shape when there are so many choices and styles out there?

Here are the insider tips you need to get your hands on a pair that will make you look and feel like the goddess that you are.

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Sheer Bikini - It's All About The Panty Cut!

  • The cut of the leg is a crucial element of a perfect fitting pair of bikini panties
  • Women who are petite, or who want to elongate their legs, will want to look for styles of panties that are cut a little higher on the sides
  • This shows off more of the hip and keeps the line of the leg uninterrupted, giving the appearance of long, sexy legs
  • If you’re already naturally blessed with legs for days, you can play around with undies that are cut lower on the leg, like a pair of bikini boy shorts, or sexy hipster styles
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The Magic of the Perfect Panty Rise

  • Did you know, the perfect panty rise can hide a multitude of sins and make you feel your best; you just need to know how to choose what’s right for your shape
  • Sheer panties with a higher rise will help to flatten and distract from a soft tummy by giving you a bit more coverage and support
  • A low-rise sheer micro bikini panty will help to elongate your torso, so this is a great option for women who want to appear taller and leaner 
  • If you’re not sure if either option is right for you, start with a classic mid-rise pair of sheer bikini panties that will flatter almost every body type
low rise bikini

Sheer Bikini Details And Tantalizing Tips

Ruffles, bows, lace, satin, ribbons, mesh – you name it and it’s out there. How do you decide what style of womens panties are right for you?

  • Decorative trims can be purely for looks and be a way to add a little sexy girl glamour to your panties, but they can also help hide flaws and play up your assets
  • For example, stretch lace trim on the sides of your undies are a favorite of women with a softer midsection because the lace won’t dig into your sides and create that dreaded muffin top
lace bikini panty
  • Sheer panties with volume-adding trims like ruffles and bows can help add shape to a boyish figure or women with smaller hips or flatter bottoms
  • A simple, unadorned sheer bikini panty can draw the eye upward to focus on a pretty sheer bra and distract from your lower half, if you’d prefer not to draw too much attention to it
  • Pretty details are a great way to help play up and disguise the areas you want while also having fun and feeling flirty
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Colorful Confessions of a Sheer Bikini

  • The right color of sheer panties will make your skin tone glow, and the wrong color can wash you out and make you look pale, pasty or flat
  • Think of the colors you gravitate towards when getting dressed and opt for those same colors in your lingerie too 
  • If you are fair skinned or pale and usually avoid wearing pale pastels like peach, then follow suit when choosing lingerie 
  • Picking a bright color can help to liven up a pale complexion and add some contrast. Pastels or softer colors can look amazing on women with olive or darker skin tones 
  • Look for colors that you love to wear in the rest of your wardrobe and pick something that makes you look and feel fabulous and fun
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