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Thong Teddy - How To Wear It And Look Amazing

Thong Teddy - Think sheer lingerie has no business to work? Think again! You’ll never want to go back to boring underwear after you get a taste of how powerful and provocative you can feel when you wear this red hot number to work.

From no visible panty lines to fuss free dressing, teddies are a brilliantly sexy all-in-one lingerie style that combines a teddy and a thong. You'll be surprised how easy and fun it is to wear them to work.

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Thong Teddy Tips And Tricks

Thong Teddy - No VPL

Whether you’re dressing for everyday wear or a very special occasion, no one wants to have the dreaded visible panty line (VPL) showing under their clothing.

What's the solution? A thong teddy is a great choice under virtually anything you wear - for work, casual (absolutely!) or formal.

Why? It's one of the best ways to ensure a smooth and sexy silhouette, no matter what you put on.

A curve hugging pencil skirt, sleek trousers, fitted sheath dress or business suit? They all look amazing when you choose this particular undergarment that’s as practical as it is playful.

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Add A Little Femininity With A Lace Teddy

Depending on the style and neckline, you can play around with letting a hint of lace or the trim of your teddy peek out from under a conservative blouse, structured blazer, or classic cardigan.

Do it in a way that’s tasteful, not trashy, and let the tiniest bit show for a little dash of softness and femininity under traditional and serious work wear.

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Get Feisty In Sheer Lingerie

There are moments at work, like during an important presentation, when you’re pitching a big project, or asking your boss for a raise, when you need all the confidence you can muster.

Give yourself that extra edge and a boost of confidence by slipping on your sexiest teddy or even a favorite piece of sheer lingerie under your blouse or business suit.

No one will know that you're wearing it but you, and having that sexy secret can translate into an ultra powerful and confident personality.

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Great Lingerie Quotes

"I think lingerie plays a big part in how you carry yourself"

Nicole Richie

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Work Hard, Play Harder In A Sheer Teddy

At the end of a long workday, we all need something fun and fabulous to look forward to. Here's some inspiration to get you started -

  • Meeting your lover for post-work cocktails is the perfect way to unwind from a busy day, and it’s also the perfect start for a night of passion
  • Wearing your favorite sheer satin, mesh or lace thong teddy under your work clothes means you're ready for wherever the evening takes you
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Your honey will have no idea what kind of sheer lingerie you’ve got on when he sees you...but you'll know.

And, that sexy feeling will quickly help you put work in your rear-view mirror and focus on the fun ahead.

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Fuss Free Dressing In A Sexy Teddy

For the busy woman on the go with a ton of responsibilities, the last thing that one needs is lingerie that doesn't work....especially when you're trying to get out the door in the morning.

A one piece teddy and thong combo may seem indulgent and impractical at first glance, but it’s actually the perfect item to put on in the morning or when you're pressed for time.

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It works under any type of clothing, and it’s one simple piece, which makes it super versatile.

No more rummaging through your lingerie drawer to find a bra, or looking for the right underwear.

The teddy is an easy grab and go style that you’ll turn to again and again once you give it a try. And, the benefits of looking like a total lingerie goddess don’t hurt either!

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