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Thong Bodysuit - How To Be Sexy And Comfortable From Morning To Nite

Thong Bodysuit - Whether you’re a sheer lingerie newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s always an ultra sexy style of bodysuit that will fit your personality and the occasion perfectly.

Like all scrumptious things in life, the key to pulling off any provocative look is to be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.

From beginner to master class level, we review super sexy thong body suit tips that will fit different comfort levels, giving you the cool confidence to impress your sweetie:

thong bodysuit

Thong Bodysuit - Beginner Level

For those who are just starting out or aren’t ready to bare it all, just wearing a thong bodysuit is an accomplishment.

Slip into a style that has just the right amount of sex appeal to tempt your honey and make you feel like a sizzling seductress.

thong bodysuits
  • Look for an opaque fabric like velvet, satin, or lace with a solid underlay, so you don’t feel over exposed. Instead, target the areas you want to show off, namely the derriere and the décolletage
  • A tanga panty offers slightly more coverage than a skimpy thong or g-string, without compromising a killer rear view
  • Play up the bust with a plunging neckline, or push up bra style, that showcases your cleavage and gives him a chance to check out all of your curves
sexy bodysuits

Thong Bodysuits - Intermediate Level

When you’re ready to up the ante to the next level...

  • Choose a bodysuit in a racy see through fabric like lace, mesh, nylon, or silk.
  • An all-over sheer lets your honey scope out your sexy silhouette. And, because it's a bodysuit you’re not totally exposed, but still showing just enough skin to have him counting down the moments until the full reveal
  • A skimpy thong style will show off your bootylicious derrière (think Kim Kardashian), combined with a barely there sheer or lace bodice will turn up the temperature for a drop-dead sexy look
lace bodysuit

Sexy Girl Tips

The number one color that men go for in sheer lingerie? Black, of course. It's sexy, sophisticated and hides a multitude of sins.

But, black isn't the only sexy color. Consider hair and eye color, skin tone and of course a woman's preference.

Think outside the box and don't hesitate to try a sassy and sexy new color. You'll be glad you took the chance!

see through bodysuit

Advanced Level Sexy Bodysuits

Now that you’re feeling comfy and sexy in a racy thong body suit, if you dare to bare just a little bit more...

  • Opt for a provocative style with strategic cutouts across the bodice, or a completely backless bodysuit with bad girl touches that show off your gorgeous assets
  • Look for an ultra-revealing sheer mesh or fishnet bodysuit with a touch of spandex for a sexy and soft stretch that will give you like skin on a grape fit
  • Mesh or lace not your cup of tea? Consider rubber or pleather details, and bondage style multiple straps
  • Complete an uber sexy look with itty-bitty g-string panties that leave little (or so much!) to the imagination
sheer bodysuit

Kicking It Up A Notch With Sexy Thong Bodysuits

For the woman who’s not afraid to show off and reveal her inner sex kitten, we’ve got the ultimate sexy bodysuit.

How sexy? Think white-hot 50 Shades of Grey!

Take it to the master level and rock your lover's world with an open bra or open bust teddy style that offers a hypnotic and seductive view. 

Let your partner soak up the sexy lingerie and gorgeous vision before him, making it a night that neither of you will soon forget.