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Sheer Nightgown: Tips For A Romantic Weekend Getaway

Sheer Nightgown - Packing for a romantic vacation getaway with your sweetie is always fun. You get to bring your prettiest clothes and your sexiest lingerie.

Skimpy sheer bras and panties are a must, but what about après hours choices? If you're looking to add a real showstopper to your repertoire, consider a sheer nighty.

sheer nightgown

Nothing sets the stage for a romantic rendezvous better than a feminine and frilly chemise or a slinky sexy nightgown. Here’s how to wear yours for the ultimate amorous effect.

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See Through Nightgown Tip 1 - Play Up Your Look

While your nightgown will definitely be the main focus of your lover's attention, have fun with the rest of your look to help set the stage for a romantic night.

  • Take a little extra time getting ready and play up your femininity
  • Wear your hair in a loose and flowing style
  • Do natural, soft makeup and focus on pretty blush and a shimmery lip-gloss
  • Accessorize with your favorite diamonds or pearls
  • Dab on your sweetest scent

sexy nightgowns

There are lots of ways to get into the romantic spirit from head to toe for a look that’s unforgettable.

Sheer lingerie can definitely stand on it’s own but why not put the rest of your appearance to use too?

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Sheer Nighty Tip 2 - Set The Stage

Whether you’re at a posh hotel, a quaint bed & breakfast, or at a cozy cabin in the woods, make sure you pack a few finishing touches to lay the scene for romance.

Your pretty negligee will fit right in when you light your favorite scented candles, pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers, stash your suitcase out of sight after you’ve settled in, and do whatever else to create your own personal love oasis.

A sexy see though nightgown will lay the scene for seduction in an ambiance that’s equally intimate.

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Sexy Girl Tip

Add a little spice to your look by wearing a sheer bra and matching sheer bikini panties under your favorite sexy nighty.

Why is this so popular? Layering a sheer nightgown is a great way to add an element of mystery and sexiness to the moment.

see thru nightgown

Sheer Lingerie Tip 3 - Enjoy Yourself

Get even more enjoyment out of a sexy sheer nighty when you wear it for yourself as well as your honey.

You’ll exude confidence and playfulness when you take the time to enjoy the fact that you’re on a romantic holiday - a gorgeous sensual woman who looks fabulous in her favorite piece of see through lingerie. 

Whether it's a sexy silk nightgown or lace chemise, pamper yourself by opting for silky sheers and a nightie that feels as special as it looks, and you’ll get as much out of wearing it as they will.

see through nightgown

Sheer Nightgown Tip 4 - Maximize Sexy Time

Many women have beautiful, sexy see through lingerie that they slip into right before turning out the lights and getting frisky.

Why not get more enjoyment out of your romantic sheer nightgown before hitting the sheets?

  • Make the sexy suggestion of having dessert back in your room after dinner and slip into it then
  • Wear it to sip champagne and nibble chocolate covered strawberries with your lover

You’ll get more pleasure savoring these sweet and sexy moments, and the bonus is lounging around in a see through nightgown is a great way to drive your honey wild with desire as they wait for the main event.

sheer night gown

Sheer Nighty Tip 5 - Pack More Than One Style

Why limit yourself to one sheer night gown? You wouldn’t wear the same dress to dinner two nights in a row, so why not take the same approach with your romantic nighties?

Double the fun and dazzle him in a different sheer lingerie style each night. A lace nightgown one night, a short chiffon number another.

They’ll be excited just by the anticipation of which racy look you’ll be showing off, and you’ll love the chance to parade your prettiest lingerie sheer styles that you’ve been saving for a sexy occasion just like this.

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Sheer Nightgown Tip 6 - Mix And Match With Your Favorites

A sheer romantic nightgown isn’t just for wearing on its own. It’s also a great style to wear with the other favorites that you already have. Here are a few ideas to get you started - 

  • Slip on a sultry sheer bra or lace thong underneath
  • Pair a nighty with sexy panties and garter belts or silky stockings
  • Think of each sheer style as another sexy layer for your honey to uncover and one that you both can enjoy
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