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Sheer Exotic Bras: How To Match Them With Your Favorites

Sheer Exotic Bras - Some lingerie is basic and functional, like nude bras and cotton panties. We tend to keep these sweet styles as our everyday bras, because they're reliable.

Then there are the showstopper types of bras that we really get excited about, the ones that we keep tucked in a special place in our lingerie drawer.

It's easier than you think! Here’s how to work sheer bras into your existing wardrobe and match them to the lingerie you already have.

sheer exotic bras

 1. Highlight A Lingerie Color

Use color to help you work a sheer bra into your existing lingerie wardrobe.

For example, if you have a stunning brassiere with hints of blue in it, highlight the shade up by pairing it with a pair of your favorite panties in that same color.

You’ll bring out the details of your fancy bra when you pick one color and highlight it in the rest of your lingerie.

exotic bras

 2. Create A Lingerie Mood

If a see through bra is a dark and sensuous color, then pair it with a pair of panties that are also in a deep, smoldering shade.

If you decide that your sexy statement bra is pastel and girlie then choose panties or a robe that’s equally sweet and girlie.

Intimate apparel doesn’t always have to be an exact match.

Just keep the mood consistent and you’ll be able to pair your exotic bra with any number of options that you already have.

sheer bras

Have a Little Fun!

While skin-tone and white bra basics are great for daily wear, don't be afraid to try bold, fun colors to spice things up!

sheer bras

 3. Contrast Your Bras & Panties

When looking for lingerie to pair with a sheer bra you have a couple of options.

You can either pair it with something that is similar by trying to match the colors, textures and fabrics as closely as possible. Or you can opt for a contrasting look.

see through bras

If you don’t have a matching bra and panty set it can be fun to play up contrasting colors that compliment each other but definitely don’t have to be the same.

Try lime green panties with a pink bra, or yellow panties with a red bra. Have fun with contrasts for a look that’s more playful and fun and don’t get too worried about having a perfect match.

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 4. Pair Sheer Exotic Bras With Basics

When in doubt, a sheer exotic bra will always look good with other basic styles...

A simple black thong or pair of black lace boyshorts will compliment any bra. Sometimes pairing your bra with simple basics is your best bet when you really want to show off a statement bra.

Let the beautiful details shine on their own by keeping the rest of your lingerie simple and in the background.

see through bra

Sexy Girl Moments

Be really daring and slip on a slinky silk robe ...and don't even bother with the panties.

sheer see through bras

 5. Think Outside The Lingerie Drawer

Think beyond your lingerie drawer for options to pair with your sheer bras...

  • If you have a pair of bikini panties that would really compliment your bra, why not wear those?
  • Or, go for a sexy juxtaposition by wearing an ultra feminine, exotic bra with a pair of his basic boxers.

Sheer exotic bras are meant to be fun and sexy lingerie. The fun part of lingerie is that anything goes, so dare to mix it up and be creative.

Have fun and let your cheeky confidence shine through for the ultimate sexy and unforgettable look.

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