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Sheer Chemise - How To Rock It Like A Sexy Girl

Sheer Chemise - No matter what style of intimate apparel a woman wears, nothing more appealing or intoxicating than when it's worn with sexy confidence.

Want to learn how to rock sultry sheer lingerie with a killer attitude and knock your sweetie off his feet? Read on. 

These sweet and sexy tips will show you how easy it is to feel as foxy as you look in see through lingerie that’s guaranteed to stay on your honey's mind long after you take it off.

sheer chemise

Sheer Chemise: It's All About The Fit Baby!

Rule number one - if your lingerie doesn’t fit properly or is the wrong silhouette for your body, you’ll look shorter, wider, saggier and frumpy - definite no nos when it comes to sweet and sexy.

When it comes to a chemise, slip, gown or any type of lingerie that fits perfectly and you’ve nailed down the perfect style for your body type, you look taller, curvier, more toned, and hotter all around.

lace chemise

Get familiar with your body type and chemises that look best on you. Try on a variety of styles from floaty babydolls to body hugging negligees and narrow down what makes you feel good.

When you find the right fit you'll look like a total babe, and the confidence from looking great will shine through to the bedroom and beyond.

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Sheer Lingerie: Pick A Style You Really Love

Sometimes it’s best to put practicality aside and make choices based on what makes you happy.

Sure, a basic black chemise will go with more of the intimate apparel you already own and it’s more practical, but if it doesn’t put a smile on your face and a wink in your eye, leave it on the sales rack.

see through chemise

If you’re drawn to a bright yellow or turquoise nightie, grab that instead.

Or, if you are a total girlie girl and find a pink negligee or lace chemise with bows and ruffles that makes you feel like a total glamazon, go for it.

Wearing something that you love and is totally “you” will make owning your sexy look a total breeze.

see trhu chemise

Look Great From Head To Toe In Chemise Lingerie

You don’t stand a chance at rocking this sexy look if you don’t feel your best.

A dainty item like a sheer chemise calls for total body pampering to look and feel amazing.

If you have greasy, limp hair or haven’t shaved your legs you won’t be able to bring your alluring A-game in a see through chemise.

Take a few extra minutes to primp and feel instantly transformed from ordinary woman to a glamorous sexy goddess.

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See Through Lingerie Pre-Game Prep

Before a big performance, celebrities fill their dressing room with their favorite music, fragrance, and flowers to help them get in the zone.

Borrow inspiration from the best of the best. Put your foxiest foot forward by pumping yourself up before you reveal your sheer chemise in the bedroom.

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Get in the mood with candles, a hot bubble bath, sexy music, a glass of champagne, or whatever else makes you feel pampered and ready to play.

It’s hard to get into the right frame of mind to rock your most provocative sheer lingerie if you’re feeling frazzled, rushed or stressed, so taking the time to shift gears into vixen mode will really pay off in how you feel.

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Pair Your Chemise With Favorites

Just as playing your favorite music makes you feel hot and flirty, so can pairing a sexy chemise with other pieces of your best lingerie.

Treat it like a greatest hits compilation and trot out your most cherished bra, panties, garter belt, heels or sexy silk robe.

Wear your nightie with other styles that flatter your shape and make you feel amazing - your racy attitude will shine through to you rocking your sheer chemise with ultra-sexy confidence!


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