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Sexy Nightgown - How To Find The Best Nighty For Your Silhouette

Sexy Nightgown - Sheer lingerie can be one of the most intimidating items for women to shop for.

Why? There are an overwhelming number of choices, and knowing what to look for can be tricky if you don’t know which are the best bras, bustiers, panties, and negligees for your body.

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Fortunately, we’ve uncovered all of the answers you’re looking for when it comes to choosing the best nightgowns for your shape.

Here’s how to play up your favorite features and flatter your figure in sexy nighties for any silhouette.

The Best Sexy Nightgown For Curvy Shapes

Women who are blessed with sexy curves are lucky when it comes to see through lingerie because they have no trouble filling it out and looking amazing in anything they put on.

  • The key to fitting a curvy figure is to look for balance and support
  • Give your bust the support you need with underwire cups or a built in bra
  • Look for styles that nip in at the waist to play up your feminine shape
  • Keep your hourglass shape intact by adding equal emphasis to the bust and the hips by keeping the hemlines either short and swingy, or wearing a long, fitted gown with a high slit for a look that’s more glamorous
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Lingerie Love

"If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?"

Shannen Doherty

Sexy Night gowns For Boyish Shapes

An angular shape with no curves is like a blank canvas for sheer nightgowns for women because you can pile on any kind of trims or embellishments without having to worry about added bulkiness.

  • Give your shape a little more va-va-voom by choosing sexy nighties with padding at the bust and a plunging neckline
  • Look for emphasis at the waist like seaming or a ribbon belt, and balance it all out with a short hemline with ruffles or detail that adds a little volume
  • Avoid long nightgowns that draw the eye in a vertical line, which only emphasizes a straight silhouette 
  • Instead choose short nightgowns or chemises that break up your length and add the illusion of curves.

Sexy Nighties For Athletic Shapes

If you love to work out, you've come to the right place. All that hard work in the gym pays off when you have cut arms, toned shoulders and strong legs.

  • Celebrate your athletic build by not being afraid to show some skin, but look for styles that are more feminine and frilly to help soften edges
  • Look for ruffles, rusching, ribbons, bows, etc., anything that adds some girlish charm to your look to keep your vibe strong but sweet
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Sweet And Sexy Petite Nightgowns

The great news is that petites have lots of options for sexy nightgowns. Why? Skimpy styles look great on small silhouettes.

  • The key to wearing petite nightgowns is to avoid anything that looks like it’s swallowing you up, so avoid long nightgowns that will make you look shorter, or anything with too many ruffles or bows that can overwhelm your small figure
  • Look for cleaner lines and classic shapes, and keep hemlines short and necklines plunging to create a vertical visual line that adds length

Sexy Nightgowns For Pear Shapes

Women blessed with a great booty look super sultry in sexy nighties and have a shape that's easy to love.

  • The trick to flattering wider hips is to balance out the top portion of the body
  • Look for padded bra cups to add volume and any kind of details at the bust, like ruffles or gathering
  • Adding emphasis to the bust makes your top half appear more proportionate to your bottom half and gives you that sexy hourglass shape that men love