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Open Thong - How To Pick The Best One For A Sexy Girl Look

The open thong - If you’re dressing to impress and flaunt your assets, it's easy to snag some inspiration with the ultimate sheer lingerie style that has been known to bring sane people to their knees - crazy, sexy, cool thongs.

From fun and fab tangas to gorgeous g strings, these stunning sheer panties are deliciously delightful no matter how you wear them.

open thong

Pair these crotchless panties with chemises, bustiers or colourful cupless bras for maximum attention. You can dress them up or dress them down - either way, they're sensational.

Whether you're a thong aficionado looking for a new look or it's your first time, you may wonder - how can you pick the best sexy thongs?

No worries - We've put together a few provocative looks that are VERY popular. The hard part? Deciding which ones to wear first!


Sexy Girl Tip

One of our best tips? Buy what fits and don't get hung up on the size tag. If it bothers you, You can always cut the tag out - it's your secret!

Ladylike Lace Open Thong

Work the fabulously feminine look of sexy see thru lace lingerie for a chic and trendy vibe that you'll love.

  • Choose a racy crotchless thong in a simple shade like rave red, best-selling black or pale plum
  • Pair it with a matching sheer bra or under a peekaboo lace chemise
  • Wrap yourself in a sensual silk robe and keep your sheer thong under wraps...until the sexy reveal

Sweet and Sensual Sheer Panties

Men love the innocent and sweet look of pastels, bows and ruffles as much as women love wearing them. Here are a few tips to inspire you - 

  • Show off your softer side by picking an open thong that’s over-the-top girlie, and as pretty and deliciously delicate as possible
  • Pair your panties with an embellished bustier, or camisole that’s trimmed with flowers or ribbons, for a look that’s cute and coy
crotchless thongs

Ultimate Undies: Bondage Babe

Who doesn't love a woman who isn’t afraid of being in control?

Throw caution to the wind with a completely unexpected look and suit up in a black pleather or rubber open thong and matching corset or bustier, then finish off the uber sexy look with fishnet stockings and thigh high boots.

If, you're feeling extra naughty and daring, and really want to surprise your lover, then add an exciting erotic mask, hypnotic handcuffs or brazen blindfold.


Did You Know?

Thongs, tangas, g strings, and even v strings are all variations of the same sexy panties?

Girl Next Door Sexy Panties

One of the hottest ways to wear a crotchless thong? An un-done, fuss-free girl next door look.

Keep it easy, simple and carefree.Let your hair hang long, loose, and carefree, and slip into your favorite white tee or undershirt and an outstanding open crotch thong.

Or, if you really want to impress, pair a thong with your sweetie's favorite baseball or hockey shirt. He’ll love your casual sexy vibe and won’t be able to wait for those fun and sexy extra innings.

sexy thong

Sheer Lingerie Pleasure

When it comes to open lingerie, a sheer, crotchless thong is about as revealing as it gets.

Your sweetie will enjoy the full view in this nearly naked look that will blow his mind when he sees you slip your clothes off.

Whether you opt for a mesh or lace thong in your (or even his!) favorite colour, you can be sure that these open crotch panties will caress your curves from all angles.


Sexy Lingerie Panty Surprise

There's nothing like the element of surprise to ignite the flames of passion. So, let your lover think it’s just another average night with you in a simple cotton nightgown - until you reveal the sexy gift underneath.

An open thong under seemingly innocent sleepwear is a great way to let him discover that you have a sexy evening in mind.

open crotch lingerie

See Through Panties: Sporty Seduction

Everyone loves an athletic, sporty and playful look. How can you mix and match sporty undies with sexy lingerie?

Easy peasy and provocative!

Opt for an open mesh thong in a fun and sporty color like lime green or lemon yellow....or, your favorite team colors. Then, pair it with a skimpy sports bra or simple tank top for a heart pounding touch down.


See Through Lingerie: Pure & Simple

The beauty of see thru lingerie is its simplicity and sheer sex appeal. Lingerie lovers all over the world love it - mesh, chiffon, lace - you name it, it's ultra sexy no matter how it's worn.

Sometimes the sexiest way to wear a thong is by itself. On its own - nothing else at all. Sexy panties, especially thongs can speak volumes without ever saying a word.

womens thongs

So, don't be afraid to let a risqué thong do all the talking when you strip down to nothing else.

Your sweetie will be in such frenzy over your naughty knickers that he'll be speechless too - but not for long!