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Open Crotch Panties: 5 Popular Myths That Will Surprise You

open crotch panties

Open Crotch Panties - When it comes to stunning, sheer panties, open crotch lingerie takes the cake as one of the hottest styles out there.

From the provocative and playful pearl thong to the gorgeous g string, these undies have a well-deserved wild reputation - for what lies beneath and the astonishing attention they demand. (and get!)

And yet, many women are intimidated by this sassy sheer lingerie, thinking that they can’t pull off the look, or that it's just too hard to wear – but as sexy girl's know, this simply isn’t the case.

Read on as we unmask 5 popular myths about open crotch panties... and expose the tantalizing truth to your sexiest look yet.

Open Crotch Panties Myth #1: You Need To Have A Perfect Body

Sexy Girl Tip

Before you debut your sensational, sexy panties, take a quick rear view look in the mirror to be certain there is no VPL!

This is 100% false. Really!

Real women of all shapes and sizes can wear open crotch panties and look just as hot as the sexiest lingerie models.

In fact, curvier women look even hotter in open lingerie than ultra thin women.

Why? These sexy panties caress and amplify a woman's curves and sultry shape naturally.

Panties put the spotlight on you, and while you might not think that your body is all that, your sweetie likely can’t get enough of your sexy silhouette, and would love to see you in racy crotchless panties every day of the week.

When you reach in your lingerie drawer and pull out a breathtaking black lace thong, or sensational sheer bikinis, he'll think he's won the lottery

Myth #2: Open Crotch Lingerie Is For XXXrated Stars Only

This is another mind-blowing myth that's been around forever and still intimidates many women.

Surprise - you don’t need to be a stripper or xxx-rated film star to pull off a luxury look this hot!

It's easy peasy. You can be a schoolteacher or accountant by day, and let your inner sex kitten come out to play at night.

Slipping into a pair of open crotch panties is one of the easiest ways to channel your inner sexy girl and give your lucky lover a treat he won’t soon forget.

Sexy Panty Myth #3: You Need To Be Into Fetish Wear


Not all open lingerie is the same, nor is it made of black pleather or covered in studs (although that certainly is one sexy option to consider).

If you’re more into ruffles and lace or ladylike glamour there are tons of sweet and sexy undies to choose from that are simply sensational.

Look for pretty pastel colors, soft silks and feminine details like ribbons and bows to keep your crotchless panties as cute or as coy as you like.

There’s no reason to compromise your personal intimate apparel style when you want to dress to impress in open crotch panties - there really is something for every preference and occasion.

Sexy Undies Myth #4: They Don't Match Your Other Sheer Lingerie

Open panties are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add a little bit of excitement and glamor into your lingerie drawer.

The best part is that you don’t need to shell out a ton of money on a matching set of see thru open lingerie when you can simply buy a tiny pair of crotchless panties and work them into the other lingerie drawer favorites that you already own:

  • wear them with a plunging push up bra in a coordinating color
  • pair them with a sheer camisole
  • slip them on under your favorite sexy negligee
  • wear a pair with his t-shirt for a tempting tomboy look
  • wear them with nothing at all and let your naughty knickers speak for themselves

Myth #5: You Need To Know Advanced Moves To Wear Crotchless Panties

Did You Know...

Dita Von Teese, a famous burlesque performer, is a classically trained ballet dancer?

Crotchless panties are the perfect, provocative sheer lingerie choice for mere mortals who want to mesmerize their lover.

All kidding aside, you don’t need to morph into a world class burlesque queen like Dita Von Teese, or put on any kind of special erotic show. 

In order to really stun your sweetie, all you need to do is slip on some sexy lingerie that you love and feel great in - then, relax and enjoy the moment.

It's that easy.

Take time to have fun playing with your sweetie, and own your special, sexy look with the ultra-hot confidence that makes a woman amazingly enticing and irresistible!

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