Open Crotch Lingerie: How To Be The Ultimate Sexy Girl

Open Crotch Lingerie - Any woman can wear sexy undies and look super fine – but, as the saying goes - why settle for average when you can leave yr honey speechless with a mind blowing look that will melt his butter?

open crotch lingerie

From g strings to bikini panties, and thongs to teddies, there's a sheer panty that's tailor- made for every provocative preference and official occasion.

These simple tips and tantalizing tricks will take your panty perspective from ho hum to new levels of powerful passion - captivating your honey and creating a night of pleasure neither of you will soon forget.

Here’s the sensational sheer lingerie confidential for maximum magic:

Luxurious Landscaping Before Open Crotch Lingerie

Colors We Crave...

While black is sheer and sexy, it's not the only color that we love for open crotch lingerie.  Wonderful white, jewel tones, and pretty pastels can be just as exciting and eye-opening.

Get ready and Set the stage for showing off your feminine fundamentals in sexy open crotch lingerie by paying close attention to personal grooming.

Go for a full Brazilian wax or just neaten up the edges.

Whatever your personal preference, make sure your southern region is neat and tidy so that you can really tempt and tease your guy when you show off your sexy new crotchless lingerie.

Think of personal grooming as an invitation for your lover to come closer and enjoy the view - a prelude to a wild and wanton evening of passion.

Master The Art of The Tease In Crotchless Panties

lingerie sheer

Why wait until you get into the bedroom to show off your open crotch lingerie when you can drive your guy wild with excitement and enticement all evening long.

Channel your inner Dita Von Teese and start playing up to him at home. 

Let him see you slip on a sheer bra and naughty panties when you’re getting dressed for a night out.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, add a garter and sheer stockings.

Men love sheer lingerie, so it's a great way to keep his eyes glued to you.

He’ll be hot and bothered all night long, wanting to get you home and into the bedroom to get a very up close and personal look at your white hot lingerie.

Leave On Your Sheer Lingerie

Normally your lover can’t wait to undress you for a night of provocative play, but crotchless lingerie is  cleverly designed to offer the best of both worlds – easy access while being able to keep your lingerie on to maximize the erotic enjoyment.

Keep your crotchless panties, teddy or bodysuit on for frisky foreplay as well as the main event, and take advantage of the sensual closeness both of you can enjoy this way without having to take it all off.

Doing something different always feels extra naughty, so relish in the risky behavior that your open lingerie embodies.

Surprise Your Lover In Open Lingerie

If you’re looking for a sneaky way to surprise your sweetie, opt for an open nipple bra or open cup bra with matching crotchless panties under a more demure, covered up look like a ladylike silk chemise or sheer negligee or nightie.

Your honey will think he’s headed for a night of sweet romance, until he gets a glimpse of your naughty knickers underneath.

He’ll love the saucy surprise of you showing off your peekaboo crotchless lingerie under something that’s traditionally pretty, prim, and proper.

Aim For Maximum Arousal In Crotchless Lingerie

Titillating Tip...

Sexy panties are meant to be worn and enjoyed, not tucked away in the lingerie drawer.

Stunning, sexy panties are sinfully sexy on their own, but why not keep the mischievous mix look going for the fullest erotic effect possible.

Bring your inner sexy girl out to play and pair your fantasy panties with an open bra, strapless bustier, or corset that bares your bust and lets you enjoy all of your amazing assets.

Dial the scandal factor way up by accessorizing with:

  • fearless fishnets
  • fantastic feather tickler
  • brazen blindfold
  • hypnotic handcuffs

You’ll captivate your lover in your barely-there sexy lingerie and make it night he’ll never forget.

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