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Open Bust Thong: Facts & Myths That You Need To Know

Open Bust Thong. Sexy girls everywhere are falling in love with the sensual look and feel of stunning open lingerie. With numerous spicy styles to choose from, it's never been easier to slip these suggestive sweet nothings into their lingerie wardrobes.

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One of the hottest options available - the one piece open bust bodysuit or teddy and thong combination is a sexy ticket loved by women and men alike - especially men!

Of course with popularity come misconceptions - about what it takes to enjoy and fashion this provocative sheer lingerie style as your own.

We’re here to set the record straight and share the insider secrets that you need to banish the myths and focus on the facts - for a see through lingerie look that screams sexy, sensational and special.

MYTH #1: You Need To Have A Perfect Body For An Open Bust Thong

Fact: Sexy girls can wear an open bust thong and look amazing, no matter what their shape or size.

You don’t need to look like Elle MacPherson, Miranda Kerr, or any of the sexy lingerie models to make this sexy lingerie work for you - all you need is the right cut and fit for your body type, AND the secret ingredient - a sassy, sexy attitude:

  • A universally flattering thong is one that has stretchy soft lace sides. The band will lay flat against the skin and won’t dig in and cause lumps or bumps along your silhouette
  • Petites will love high cut thongs that add length to their frame
  • Curvy gals with hips will look amazing in both skimpy g string styles or those with wider cut sides

MYTH #2: It's Impossible To Pull Off A Sexy Open Thong Look

If Ever In Doubt...

Keep in mind that sexy women aren't born sexy, they become sexy.

Fact: All it takes to rock a sexy thong bodysuit or thong teddy is the right attitude.

If you decide ahead of time that you'll never look good in see thru lingerie or that you don’t have the right shape or curves to pull off this smoking hot style, then you never will.

Exile any doubts with this bold little recipe - a dash of sexy confidence, and a soupcon of cool poise plus sensational sheer lingerie equals provocative sex appeal that is simply intoxicating.

MYTH #3: Open Lingerie Is Too Expensive

Fact: Whether it's an open bodysuit, teddy, or thong that tickles your fancy, it's easier than you think to find the best deals on the best styles without breaking the bank. How?

  • Start your lingerie online shopping search so you can easily price compare at different stores without a lot of leg work
  • Sign up for retailers mailing lists for notifications about big sales events
  • Hit the clearance racks at the back of the store when you shop

Sexy Girl Tip

A little lingerie shopping savvy is all that it takes to find gorgeous open thongs at a price that works for your budget.

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MYTH #4: An Open Bust Thong Doesn't Suit My Style

Fact: There are plenty of different looks for sheer lingerie lovers to choose from when shopping for open bust thongs.

  • Women who love sweet and sexy lingerie can look for pretty pastels and ladylike embellishments
  • Minimalists will love sleek seamless styles in classic neutrals
  • Those who like their lingerie a little naughty can have fun with sheer, see thru styles in mesh or nylon and barely-there cuts

When it comes to open thongs there is something for everyone - no matter what their personal style.

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