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Open Bust Bras For Petites: How To Look Stunning

Open Bust Bras - Whether it's a delightful open tip bra that’s more peekaboo than provocative, or an open shelf bra that is risqué and revealing, it's easier than you think to sizzle in an open cup bra, no matter what your size.

open bust bras

Anyone can rock a sexy and sensational open bust bra, but to really kick it up a notch and make a stunning statement there’s a simple secret that's often overlooked - delicious detailing that takes this sexy see through lingerie from ho hum to hubba hubba.

For petites and smaller silhouettes delightful details often make the world of difference. Follow along as we take a closer look at the tips and ticks and everything you need to know to get it right - from finding the perfect panties to choosing the right colours and more.

Open Bust Bras: How To Rock A Matchy Matchy Look

Sexy Girl Tips

Open lingerie in smooth and sensational silk or satin is a sensuous pick.

Petites who are conscious of their height and want to appear taller often face a struggle when it comes to see through lingerie.

The trick to appearing taller?

An open bra with matching panties in the same color scheme carries the eye upward and creates the illusion of height, whereas contrasting colors break up the line of the silhouette and can make someone appear shorter than they really are.

Looking for a little glamor? Have fun and mix it up with matching sheer lingerie bras and panties that come with special extras like a matching garter belt or a bustier style open bra in the same beautiful colours.

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Pair With The Right Style of Panties

When shopping for sexy sheer lingerie, the goal for most women is to really rock their shape and look amazing.

And, while a sexy sheer bra is always front and centre, a super simple secret lies in the southern region - the panties that you pair with your cupless bra.

Why? They have the power to change your entire look depending on how they’re cut.

Sexy undies that are cut straight across the body like boyshorts tend to make the legs look shorter and stockier, while styles like bikini panties have high cut legs and make your limbs look like they go on forever (think supermodel long).

Skimpier styles like g string panties are also a great choice as they’re designed to visually add length. And, panties with wide cut sides will shorten your frame.

Find The Perfect Open Bra Fit

Even though an open cup bra basically has no cup, it’s still essential to find a style that fits perfectly in all of the other important areas.

What should you look for?

  • The bra band shouldn’t be too loose or your bra will shift around and look off-center - a big no-no 
  • And, a bra band that’s too tight will create unflattering bulges across the back 
  • The same rule applies to the straps – if they’re too loose the bra will sag, but straps that are too snug will dig into the shoulders, making it a very uncomfortable situation

Overall, open bust bras should feel comfy and cozy so that they aren't pinching or making you feel like you need to constantly fuss and adjust them.

Look For Sweet Petite Sheer Lingerie Details

Petites with small frames are simply stunning in delicate, flimsy open bras with details like spaghetti straps, thin bands, lightweight lace, or tiny bows.

Exaggerated details, thick straps, wide bra bands, or any trims that are too bulky or large will overwhelm a small frame and take the focus away from the bust.

In addition, an open bra that looks too heavy will make a petite woman look shorter and wider instead of long, lean, and utterly sexy the way this stunning style is meant to.

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