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Exotic UK Lingerie: The Crazy Secrets That Will Surprise You

Exotic UK Lingerie - When you hear "the British are coming", you can be sure whatever follows is sexy, fabulous and fun.

From Harrods to Harvey Nichols, Topshop to Alexander McQueen, the British definitely know a thing or two about shaking up the fashion industry with a whimsical and fabulous devil-may-care attitude that says, you have arrived.

exotic uk lingerie

This is especially so when it comes to sheer lingerie. With brands like Bluebella, Panache, Agent Provocateur, Curvy Kate and Pour Moi, UK lingerie has never been more popular or more provocative.

Follow along as we tap into their secrets, and learn everything you need to know about these beautiful UK lingerie brands that offer the best of stylishly sexy.

exotic lingerie

Exotic UK Lingerie: No Worries About Wobbly Bits

British women have us beat when it comes to banishing body issues.

They're confident in their skin, and while no one is supermodel perfect - unless you're Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne, they don’t beat themselves up about it when showing off in their favorite sexy lingerie.

sheer lingerie

Why? Because they know that guys are far too busy ogling a woman's assets to even notice imperfections.

Sheer and exotic lingerie is akin to the icing on the cake, and men are so incredibly happy to get a glimpse of your curves that it’s all they can think about.

see through lingerie

Mix & Match See Thru Lingerie

Ladies from the UK are all about mixing and matching sexy and sheer lingerie for a natural and effortless look instead of getting uptight and insisting on matchy-matchy sets.

Like all sheer lingerie enthusiasts, fabulous and fetching is the modus operandi, with a dash of fancy thrown in for fun.

What's the best way to channel this look? It's effortlessly simple -

  • Pair a solid color sheer bra with printed, patterned or textured panties in your favorite shade
  • Mix and match a lace and satin robe within the same color family, with the cool confidence of a woman who loves to express herself
exotic lingerie uk

Exotic Lingerie - Fun & Whimsical

Brits have an amazing sense of humor and they let it influence all areas of their life, including bedroom chic.

The key? They're lighthearted when it comes to fashion and lingerie, never taking it, or themselves, too seriously.

They slip into sexy sheers and see through lingerie - while bringing a cheeky, playful spirit into the boudoir with them, in a way that their lucky partners are absolutely crazy for.

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Did You Know?

Eclectic or classic, the Brits are famous for their own unique style and love to show it whenever and whatever the occasion.

sheer see through lingerie

Sheer Lingerie: Savvy Street Style

The Brits have amazing street style that's envied the world over, so it’s no surprise that it’s trickled down to the way they wear their lingerie.

Their secret? Always having one element of their look that’s a little undone.

Instead of striving for glossy perfection, they know it’s sexiest to have -

  • hair that’s a little tousled
  • a bra strap suggestively slipping down
  • a cuffed, unbuttoned men’s shirt thrown casually over a fancy lace sheer bra and knickers set
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Sexy Lingerie - High Street Scores

Because they're on the cutting edge of fashion in one of the great capitols of the world, Brits are always on the lookout for the latest trends in lingerie.

And, one of the keys to looking great? Not having to spend a fortune doing so. How do they do this?

They scour the high streets to shop for exotic bras, undies, bustiers, teddies, chemises, etc. in trendy peekaboo styles and colors that keep them looking current and sexy without breaking the bank.

sheer bras

Sexy Girl Secret

While sexy lingerie imbues a sense of sexy cool, confidence translates into an easygoing, relaxed, and flirty attitude that men simply can’t get enough of. 

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UK Lingerie - Certified Comfort

British babes know the real way to seduce a man is to appear devastatingly sexy yet totally approachable.

How do they make it look so sexy and effortless?

It's simple. The key is feeling confident in what you’re wearing by choosing exotic UK lingerie - favorite styles that are comfy to wear, fit properly (that means no bras that bulge or sag, panties that panties, etc.), and celebrate your best assets.

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