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Demi Cup Bras: Easy Tips That Will Make You Look Sensational

Demi Cup Bras - When you’re ready to ditch basic everyday bras in favor of something more fun and playful, turn to a demi bra. These sheer bras have turned up all over the runways this season.

Sleek, sophisticated lace and embroidery or seamless and sultry ultra sheer, there is a perfect bra for every occasion. If you’re wondering how to work a one of these see thru bras into your lingerie wardrobe, here are some sexy tips and tricks for rocking one of the season’s hottest trends:

demi cup bras

Demi Cup Bras: Getting The Best Fit

  • Get The Right Bra Fit - Like any bra, a demi bra needs to fit impeccably if you want to look and feel your best. Get measured and properly fitted before shopping so you can find the perfect bra to fit and flatter your curves. The right bra fit will give you the killer confidence you need to impress in this sexy, unique style.
  • Pay Attention To Support - If you have a smaller bust you can choose a demi cup bra that’s super transparent, or one that has unlined bra cups. If your more well-endowed you will want to find a style that offers a bit more support, so look for sheer cups with underwire and molding underneath to help lift and hug your curves.

Demi Bra 411

Thought by many to be the perfect bra (demi is French and means half), this sexy bra style exposes the top half of the breast. It's a great choice for low-cut, feminine necklines.

  • Know what your needs are so you can choose the bra style that’s perfect for your body. Regardless of your shape there’s a  brassiere that will put your curves at the centre of attention.

The Sexy Side Of Demi Cup Bras

  • Wear It Right - The beauty of these sexy bras is the rich and gorgeous texture and detailing, but it can also be its downfall if you wear it under the wrong garments.
  • A demi lace bra will look lumpy and bumpy under tight tees and clingy jersey knits. Instead, reach for a crisp cotton blouse, a boyfriend button-up shirt, or a structured jacket to wear over your demi bra. Stick with crisper fabrics that aren’t as snug fitting for a look that’s sleek and smooth.
  • Play Up Its Femininity - Demi bras have a sweet, romantic look so play up that vibe with the rest of your look. Choose matching sheer underwear or a pair of panties that are equally ladylike in a pretty color when you want to feel feminine and flirty.
  • If you’re wearing it in the bedroom wear your hair in soft, flowing waves and keep your makeup soft and pretty instead of edgy or vampy. This is a look that calls for romance and sweetness, so have some fun with it and channel your inner sexy girl.
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  • Beware The Powers Of Seduction. - While being sweet and feminine the demi bra is also drop-dead sexy, especially when it’s ultra sheer. This isn’t any old bra sheer, it’s a statement piece that’s guaranteed to have your audience smoldering with desire.
  • Exercise caution when showing off this sexy bra if you’re short on time because your honey will likely have a hard time keeping his hands off you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – demi bras are an unforgettable piece of sheer lingerie that are very hard to resist.

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